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For about six decades the meeting place of the Society was the Museum of Natural History but that came to an end when the museum needed more space for its own events. The Society was forced to look for new quarters and after two interim domiciles we found a building for sale in Clifton, NJ, that was ideally suited to our needs. While the headquarters of the NYMS paradoxically are in New Jersey, our location is easily reached by public transportation from New York and a substantial segment of our membership are New Yorkers.

We are elated to have our own place. There is sufficient space for workshops and meetings. In the many years of the Society’s existence we have accumulated a trove of prized possessions. The walls are lined with shelves of books on microscopy and about 30 antique brass microscopes are on permanent display. There is a large collection of microscope slides, specimens and up-to-date microscopes with which to examine them. Read more…             Visit NYMS-recommended websites! 

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