3-D Laser Holograms Under the Microscope

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Date(s) - 10/29/2017
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

NYMS Headquarters


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Frank DeFreitas, Holoworld

Defreitas will present on creation, study, enjoyment and transmission of three dimensional holograms. Of special interest for our Society is the amazing miniaturization achievable in recording 3-D and 2-D information holographically, and the recovery of such information using very basic stereobinocular microscopy.

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Very remarkable is the opportunity to microscopically study physical things in three dimensions and great detail, via holographic images and stereobinocular microscopes.

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Important and of great interest to DeFrietas are the broad dissemination of otherwise inaccessible information, and the wide distribution of opportunity to view and study singular and generally inaccessible physical things.

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For nearly 35 years, Frank DeFreitas has developed holography systems and applications, and provided laser and hologram resources, training workshops and outreach programs and invited presentations, to all levels of science and technology education and industry.

DeFreitas grew up around Philadelphia / South Jersey, a prime location in the earliest days of lasers and holography with local firms Edmund Scientific, Metrologic Laser, Holex Corp., The Franklin Institute, and more. He first saw lasers and holography in 1968 at the Edmund Scientific showroom store in Barrington, New Jersey, and first attended an holography exhibit in 1976 “Through the Looking Glass” presented at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia at by the New York Museum of Holography.

By 1983 DeFreitas had designed and built his own laser and holography studio in Allentown, PA. In late 1993 during the era of 14.4 kbit/s dial-up modems and NCSA Mosaic browsers, DeFreitas brought online the original Internet Webseum of Holography, his world-famous www.holoworld.com website went live in 1995, and he taught the first online class for holography through America On Line in 1995.

2017 DeFreitas at N Y Hall of Science World Maker Faire

During 1983-2016 DeFreitas consulted, lectured and taught at  The Smithsonian Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum and its Ripley Education Center, in Washington DC, The Franklin Institute, and the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, both in Philadelphia, PA, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ,  the Liberty Science Center, Jetsey City, NJ,  The Discovery Center of Science and Technology, and Lehigh University’s Physics Dept., both in Bethlehem, PA,  California Institute of Technology,   NASA / Northrop Grumman,  AT&T,  Lucent Technologies, U.S. Navy Drone LIDAR RGB Holographic Imaging, Fuji Film Corp., Dupont, the National Science Foundation’s Urban Systemic Initiative and other NSF-funded programs, and many elementary, middle and high school, and college and university programs.

Frank DeFreitas is an elected member of the National Physics Honor Society Sigma-Pi-Sigma, and the American Institute of Physics, for his  work in laser and holography educational programs.

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