Past Abbe Awards

Ernst Abbe Award Recipients, 1973 – 2014

Alexandre Dazzi (2014) invented and led  the combination of atomic force microscopy with infrared spectroscopy, the first to resolve molecular composition to lateral resolutions less than 100 nm.

Skip Palenik (2012) Achievement innovating and teaching advanced microscopical Forensic analysis.

E. Neil Lewis (2011) Principal developer of molecular spectral imaging technology

Dale E. Newbury (2010) Dedicated researcher and developer of electron beam microanalysis and compositional mapping of materials

Gerd Binning & Heinrich Rohrer (2009 )Co-inventors of the scanning tunneling microscope and the first to record atomic resolution of surface topography

Watt W. Webb (2007) Innovator of multiphoton microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and nanoscopic molecular tracking

John C. Russ (2006) Developer of digital image processing and computer assisted microscopy

Brad Amos (2005) Innovator and developer of scanning laser confocal microscopy

John A. Reffner (2004) Innovator and developer of Infrared microprobe analysis

Gerasimos D. Danilatos (2003) Developer of the environmental scanning electron microscope

Mortimer Abramowitz (2002) Educator; counselor and educator of light microscopy

Jan Hinsch (2002) Educator; counselor and educator of light microscopy

H. Ernst Keller (2002) Educator; counselor and educator of light microscopy

Joseph I. Goldstein (2001) Innovative educator in electron microscopy and microbeam analysis

Maria Kuhnert-Brandstatter (2000) Innovative developer of solid-state characterization of pharmaceuticals

Johann S. Ploem (1998) Developer of epi-fluoresce and reflection-contrast microscopy

Shinya Inoue (1997), Pioneer in video microscopy and researcher in architectural dynamics of living cells.

Charles Koester (1996) Developer of rectified optics for polarized light and ophthalmic confocal microscopes

F. Donald Bloss (1988) Developer of the spindle stage and leader in microscopy education

Robert Hoffman (1985) Inventor of the modulation contrast technique

Edwin H. Land (1983) Advanced imaging science and created Polaroid polarizing filters

Roger P. Loveland (1981) Advancing photomicrography and industrial microscopy

Albert V. Crew (1979) Pioneering development of field emission scanning transmission electron microscope

Walter C. McCrone (1977) Numerous contributions to polarized light microscopy and education

Georges Nomarsky (1973) Developer of differential interference contrast microscopy

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